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Tom's Storytime

Tom's Storytime is a brand new website and YouTube channel sharing stories written by Tom Story. All of his books have been illustrated by some talented illustrators of varying styles. I was lucky enough to illustrate two before the project launch, with Bug Hunt launching of the channel!

All of Tom's books are also available to buy on Amazon for your little ones to read along with the video.

'We're going to find some wriggly things, some jiggly things, some squiggly things...' Get your Bug Hunting gear out and join us on an adventure, but watch out, not all bugs are friendly. Let's go into the garden and take a look

'Sam was happy and sad, happy because it was his birthday but sad because his Grandad was ill. But then Sam is given something that will change his life forever.

A wonderful tale of finding happiness in an unlikely place.'

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