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Creating The CSA 2018 Holiday Card

This Christmas I had the pleasure of being commissioned by Rachel Quirico from The CSA to design their 2018 Holiday card.

This commission was an ambitious task of imagining and designing thirty eight of the CSA's talents in to a Christmas Party scene. Rachel provided me with head shots and names, along with a description of their interests and personalities. I then took to the task of researching further reference photos of each person and their interested in order to re-imagine them in to fun mini scenes; karaoke, fancy dress, cocktails around the bar & a dance-off. The final result was provided as two high quality digital images, both with and without their social media handles tags, ready to be both printed and shared on to their social media accounts this festive season. A huge thank you to The Cyber Solutions Agency & Rachel for commissioning such a fun project!

Some kind words from Rachel: "Working with Ashlee was a pleasure from start to finish. We commissioned her for a holiday card featuring 35+ people, and Ashlee went above and beyond to faithfully capture not only their likenesses but their personalities and passions as well! Our process was painless: Ashlee is communicative, concise, faithful to the timeline we laid out at the beginning, and overall a joy to work with on our project...and our whole team was thrilled with the results. Thank you, Ashlee, for making the 2018 CSA holiday card so special!"


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