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Art Technician Makes

A collection of images taken from my time working as an Art Technician.

- Rock Challenge Set
Based on the theme of Princess Diana's life, I was asked to design and paint 16 10ft x 5ft framed canvases to be the backdrop of the performance. The portrait of Diana was initially created in Photoshop, projected on to the canvas and carefully painted by hand. Within this time I also ran lessons in which students of varying abilities helped me to paint the remaining canvases.


Within this role I have also undertaken various design projects for the school including a Harry Potter reading box, Toy Story themed cut out and banners, to name a few. 

As well as running various in-school workshops and family learning days, I was also given the opportunity to do a reading of my picture book and run a themed workshop at a local Infant's school. 

I have also volunteered to work on the Arts & Crafts table & face painting stands at fetes and the Portsmouth's
Star gazing live event.


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