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University Project, 2015

Stop Motion Animation 


Jasper is an elderly man who lives alone. Retired and pessimistic towards life, he has fallen in to a banal daily routine where the highlight of his day is feeding the birds. Until one day, when he finds something unusual on his bird table. Baffled by his discovery, an excitement grows within him as to what else might be gifted to him in the days to come.


My animation ‘Jasper’ is a character based narrative intending to communicate a transition from banality to frivolity. Within the story, Jasper is gradually encouraged by his granddaughter to recapture his youth and fulfil a childhood dream. The aim of this animation is to inspire those who have fallen in to a dull routine to return to a more optimistic way of living, with a renewed appreciation for the smaller, simpler things in life.


Music by: Nathan Barnes and Scott Fountain


Set, puppet, filming and editing by myself.

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